Saturday, October 11, 2008

So back in August, my roommates and I went down to Florida for our roommates wedding. We were way excited to soak up the sun rays, but just happened to arrive right in the midst of all the Hurricane Fay happenings. It poored the whole time. One time we even drove two hours to find a beach with sun....and sure enough...right when we pulled in it looked real sunny. We got out of the car and "BOOM!" the storm hit before our toes hit the beach. Anyway...during a long car drive I wrote this poem to keep our spirits up.
title: FAY
Once upon a time, in the land of rain and trees (A.K.A. raintree apts),
six white and fair maidens shaved up past their knees.
They went on vacation all excited and giddy,
to soak up the sun in Orlando city!
Their des-tination was where all dreams come true,
flip flops and sun tans, and Mickey Mouse too!
But evil existed and so did her plans,
she hated those maidens with their plans of sun tans!
So she whipped up a storm, full of lightning and thunder,
hoping she could make those six maidens wonder...
Why they had come, when things weren't going the best,
she wanted these maidens to go home depressed!
But you know what these maidens did with dumb Fay?
(Well first off, they said "I think you're real gay!")
and then they said you can't ruin our day!
We'll admit we're real angry and a tan would be nice,
but in order to have fun, we don't have to think twice!
So they played a little M.A.S.H. and found their prince charming,
and spent the night at the spa with freebies alarming.
So who really cares about fay and her storm,
they don't need no sun to make their hearts warm!
So do what you want, you evil dumb fay,
go away or decide to stay, try your best to ruin our day,
we may always be white, but you'll always be gay!

How small I am Saturday my friend Matt and I decided it would be fun to climb Mount Timp. Ha ha. Little did I know most people train for these kinds of things. An 18-mile upward hike, and not even an hour into it I felt my asthma starting to act up. I thought to myself..."What the heck am I doing?!" But I have to admit it was quite the sense of accomplishment when I finally got to the peak. I also felt closer to my Heavenly Father everytime I looked behind me at how much we had climbed. Not just because of the amazing beauty of the Earth, but also because I realized how very small I am. How everything I have, everything I am, and everything I am aspiring to be, is all because of him. My dependence upon him was reafirrmed. And in that moment of feeling so little, I also felt so big. Because despite how small I am in this huge world, he knows and loves me better than anyone else, and despite how many millions of people need his help, he is still willing to send me little tender mercies everyday as a reminder of our relationship. Now that is cool.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

My Best Friend's Mission

Ever since my older sister went on a mission, I always knew that I would too. All my friends in High School knew that I was going, and I often expressed it would be Spanish-speaking (I took a couple years of Spanish and really wanted to learn the language better). When I was 18 and on my own for the first time, I bought my very own "Preach My Gospel" and had alot of excitement to give away three Book of Mormons that year. I made it a tradition to give away at least one every year since, and have followed through since. As the age of 21 began to approach, the decision to go didn't feel quite as right. I took Mission Prep at BYU and felt still felt the same. Through much prayer and many priesthood blessings, I have re-evaluated the decision. I have gotten to the point that Heavenly Father has let me know that he will support either decision, but that there are other ways to blessed with missionary work if I stay. All of my roommates are R.M.'s, so naturally I began taking advantage of the opportunity and began companion study, and also started learning the discussions. At this same time, my best friend of 11 years, departed to the M.T.C. My decision not to go on a mission, has been a tough one. But watching her leave has been tougher. I set up an interview with my bishop and asked about turning in my papers. His counsel was different than I thought it would be, but it felt right when he said it. He told me of all the ways a person can be a missionary, some more important than that of a formal mission. He then advised that I wait a few months, until the dust has settled from Jessica leaving. He said that just because I'm excited about something, doesn't make it right for me. So, who knows. In a couple months, I may find myself turning in my papers. Maybe it's all about me being in a certain mission at a certain time. It's also possible that I find myself staying. Most likely not because I quickly fall in love and meet my eternal companion, but probably more likely because the Lord works in mysterious ways, and someone here needs my influence. I've just begun working at a treatment center for troubled teens, and although I am not permitted to share the gospel with them, each of them are in desperate need of a good example in their lives. It's the most challenging job I have ever had, but also the most rewarding. I've learned so many gospel principles in only the first couple of weeks. Anyway, the reason for this post (I've gotten a little sidetracked), is to post in memory of my best friend. It may be that I live a mission through Jessica's experiences. I know that I am going to thrive off of her letters, and I know that she is going to be amazing. Love ya Jessica!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Let's just say I feel pretty darn comfortable with my current roommates. The crazy fools keep me up into the wee hours of the night. Dull moments aren't in existence, along with personal bubbles. I'm pretty sure we cuddle more with each other than we do with the male gender (as you might guess from the pic above). Above, is my roommate Christina, who I can't help but love for her incredible name (We also happen to both share Marie as a middle name as well).

Our reunion trip to Florida with my Cedar City roommates. What happens in Cedar City, should happen everywhere!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Pic's of my fam!

Mom and Lee

Dad and Alexis

Fun at Lagoon


Especially For Youth

Nothing beats the good times as an EFY counselor!